Katie Coleman's Big Adventure!

I'm Katie Coleman, and this website is intended to give a deeper look into who I am both personally and professionally, as I enter into a brand new and oh-so-exciting chapter of my life.

I grew up in Denver, Colorado, and it will always be my home.  Denver is a beautiful city, and my family still lives there today.  All of this love for Denver (which is inextricably tied to my love for my family, who I am very close to), kept me in town as I attended the University of Denver to achieve my Bachelor's Degree.  When I unexpectedly graduated a year early in 2008, I decided to embrace this gift of time to stay there and achieve a Master's degree and Graduate Certificate from DU as well.  Meanwhile, I completed internships, took on volunteer opportunities, and eventually accepted a full time job.  The job was at an Oil & Gas company, where I spent every day alongside some of the greatest people I could ever ask for and doing enjoyable work.  So, when I graduated, I stayed under their employment, taking on as much responsibility as was available to me.

Eventually, I started to feel stagnant.  The company I worked for was small, and there was limited opportunity for me to advance.  I felt like I needed to explore some new aspects of myself, and started considering ways I could achieve that goal.

After a lot of thought and discussion with my family and friends, I decided I was going to move to Boston.  The decision to move out of Denver was something that made sense to me, because while in my undergraduate program I had the privilege of studying abroad in Durban, South Africa, and in that 5 months I grew more and learned more about myself than ever before.  I knew I needed to put myself in another situation that was going to be somewhat uncomfortable - because undoubtedly the most challenging situations reap the most rewards.  So, I chose Boston, based on it's being an entirely different culture from Denver, but also one where I already fortunately had a support system of peers.

As of July 30, 2011, I am officially a Boston resident.  I am thrilled, excited, and terrified all at once.  But, from my experience, that is the ultimate combination.  They say you should do one thing every day that scares you - well, I'm willing to bet the coming months will be full of 2, 5, or even 10 things a day that scare me.  So, here I go, making the best of every minute...